Feb 20

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Jan 08
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Sep 09

just give me a sign of hope soo I can feel complete again :’( please…

Sep 08

You have me for life. 
Someday. I’ll be yours again if God willed it.
Soo I’ll wait and see what happens next.
No plans.
Just One God. On Love. for One mortal and immortal forever.
Till I die. I keep my promise 

Sep 07

She’s hurting. She’s Dying slowly…even if she’s not yours 
or your not hers, She wants your love.
If you just asked her to wait instead of giving up she would have understood.
Now she’s broken and scared…CAuseing self harm.
She doesn’t want to go on anymore…even if she can 

Sep 07

I am imperfect and broken. 
I should just accept that. 

Sep 07

And Still I hope and Pray someday 
we’ll meet again. You’d still have me in your heart and only me.
and that we’d be forever again…
But I fear to hope
Oh how I fear to hope.. 

Aug 24
The world has already changed, whether we like it or not. The Philippines has changed; Pinoys and Pinays have changed. Maria Clara has been exposed as a myth, or worse, an oppressive reminder of the patriarchy’s sexual repression of women. Pre-marital sex has been going on for decades, and guess what, our country didn’t turn into Sodom and Gomorrah. The RH Bill doesn’t even represent a social paradigm shift; it’s more like an exhausted formality, dozens of years too late.

Jul 08

Jul 08